Open Ninja Trader 8 Education /Live Streaming Education Link

After a Nexgen team member has installed your software, open Ninja Trader and attend the live stream in Discord for faster educational results

Open Ninja Trader. Select the Ninja Trader Icon on your desktop by double-clicking on it. Sign into your data and portal with Ninja Trader sign-in page.

Once Ninja Trader is open, Rithmic is the default data provider during your demo. You should see it connect automatically. If you do not, connect it by clicking on it. If you have "other" connections, such as a prop firm like APEX, or wish to connect to Cryptocurrency data, you can connect to those now.

Open your workspaces after your data is connected by clicking workspaces and the name of the workspace you wish to open.

How to close Ninja Trader

To ensure the preservation of your workspace layout and indicators when closing Ninja Trader 7 or Ninja Trader 8, it is recommended to avoid closing individual chart windows independently. Instead, follow the proper procedure outlined below:

  1. Locate and open the control center window within the platform.

  2. At the top right corner of the control center window, click the "X" button. Alternatively, you can select "FILE" at the top left corner of the control center and choose "EXIT."

  3. Upon closing, the platform will prompt you to save your workspace.

  4. Select "YES TO ALL" to save your preexisting workspace, including its layout and indicators.

  5. When you relaunch the Ninja Trader application, your workspace will be restored precisely as when you closed it, with all the indicators intact.

Following these steps, you can ensure the seamless retrieval of your workspace configuration and indicators upon relaunching Ninja Trader 7 or Ninja Trader 8. This practice promotes continuity in your trading activities and facilitates a smooth transition between trading sessions.

Nexgen’s educational chat rooms focused on teaching traders how to read the software and execute the trading rules properly. Nexgen's traders will speed through the education by having meaningful interaction during our live classes. Participate, and you will shorten your learning curve. Nexgen will be answering software questions & critiquing clients’ simulated trades when they post them in the online chat room, between 9 am ET - Noon EST Monday-Friday. Nexgen will also host a primary education 101 class in the afternoon from 2-3 pm EST Monday-Thursday. Our open forum allows you to ask questions, post charts, and trade executions for feedback.

Access the Discord and Live-Stream Education page from the "software user guide"

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