Chart Templates- Applying Nexgen Templates

this page walks you through applying Nexgen's premade templates to your existing chart

Sometimes, you may accidentally delete an indicator on a chart while trading. This happens when you click that little red x at the top right of your charts after a warning message. Or you have a chart built but wish to add synthetic Fibonacci levels to the chart.

First, we will build a 5-1 ES "no tick replay" no synthetic Fibonacci areas chart by applying the template when building a chart. See building chart directions- CLICK HERE

The following chart using the above settings will look like this.

To add synthetic Fibs and enable tick replay, right-click on your chart, format data series, and enable the tick replay check box.

Ninja 8 will reload tick replay data for the existing chart. You will see this message.

When data loading is complete, and indicators repopulate, right-click the chart in a blank space, select templates, select load, select the template to load, and finally click LOAD to finish.

You will end up now with a chart with Synthetic Fibonacci levels from other timeframe charts that are superimposed on the one chart.

The following is a list of Nexgen templates that require "TICK RELAY" to be enabled to plot synthetic Fibonacci areas or triggers. If you load a GENERIC or NON-REPLAY template, it will still work; you just will not get all of the information without tick replay enabled in the data section.

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