Adding or Changing Synthetic Triggers and Fibonacci Lines

this section will teach you the settings to turn on or off extra indicators
You may manually adjust Fibonacci levels in your software.
Change or plot Synthetic Fibonacci levels.
You can also control the reversal bar markers and synthetic mid bands from other timeframes in the T3 Fibs ProTrader Synth indicator.
control mid bands or reversal bar markets
To generate a T3 Trigger Line indicator from a different chart, you have two options:
Option 1: Plotting an Additional T3 Trigger Line Indicator- this option does not require Tick Replay to be enabled on the chart.
  • Add another T3 Trigger Line indicator to your chart.
  • Choose the "Use Different Time Frame" option and specify a specific bar size.
  • Select the checkboxes to display either the large or small triggers.
Option 2: Utilizing the T3 Trigger Line (Syn) Synthetic Indicator. This option DOES require tick replay to be enabled on your chart.
Plotting a different time frame trigger line using T3 Trigger Line Indicator
  • Use the T3 Trigger Line (Syn) Synthetic indicator.
  • Plot up to three individual trigger lines with various timeframe settings.
Plot up to 3 individual T3 Trigger Lines
The following picture will teach you to add a reversal bar marker from another time frame chart using Ninja 7. Both platforms behave similarly.
adding a 13-2 reversal bar marker to your 5-1 chart
The following picture will teach you how to add a 3rd trigger line from another time frame chart.
Adding formating a synthetic trigger line
The following picture will teach you how to add a T3 Mid Band from another time frame chart.
Adding a 13-2 Mid Band to your 5-1 Chart
Add or remove synthetic Mid Bands from other charts. Add or remove historical reversal bar markers from the 5-1 chart.
add remove mid bands or reversal marker history T3 Fibs ProTrader Synthetic indicator