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Add Symbols- Roll Contracts - Market Analyzer

Making sure you are on the "front month with most volume is required when trading futures.
Ninja Trader's upcoming events calendar will tell you when a particular futures market will roll over. Please check the dates for the contracts you trade and double-check that the trading volume is higher in the month you will trade.
click to enlarge- Ninja trader dashboard and upcoming events
To check the volume, you must build a market analyzer from within Ninja Trader. Select FILE> NEW > MARKET ANALYZER from the Ninja Trader Control Center. Then you will want to right-click on it and apply the Nexgen "default template". Add the current future month and the next expiration month.
The process is the same for Ninja 8 as well as Ninja 7. There is one difference, the future contract will not be readily available in your list of markets. To populate the "next" contract you will have to build a new chart manually, typing in the date of the next contract.
click to enalge- Build new market analyzer space in Ninja8
Build a blank new chart.
click to enarge- Build new chart
You can delete that chart, and when you right click on the market analyzer, the new contract will be available to add to your list.
click to enarge- right click to add the next contract
Once you have created the window, you will right-click on the instrument column and add in the contracts you wish to track.
To add a new month or symbol in Ninja 7 - Select TOOLS INSTRUMENT MANAGER from the control panel.,
to add new symbol or roll a futures contract to the next delivery month
You will then use the NAME section to type the symbol, CLICK SEARCH, then HIGHLIGHT it and move it to the active list on the left.
add new symbol to ninja 7 list
Once the symbol is in your list, to "roll" your contract months, simply use the drop-down menu on your existing workspace charts and select the new month.