Adding Symbols- Updating new Futures Contracts Ninja 7 / 8
Making sure you are on the "front month with most volume is required when trading futures.
Ninja Trader provides a calendar that will help you to know when a particular futures market is going to roll over.
To add a new month or symbol in Ninja 7 - Select TOOLS INSTRUMENT MANAGER from the control panel.,
to add new symbol or roll a futures contract to the next delivery month
You will then use the NAME section to type the symbol, CLICK SEARCH, then HIGHLIGHT the symbol and move it to the active list on the left.
add new symbol to ninja 7 list
Once the symbol is in your list, to "roll" your contract months, simply use the drop-down menu on your existing workspace charts and select the new month.
To build a new chart or update a new symbol in Ninja 8 simply use the drop-down menu to search for your symbol Once you have located your symbol format your chart size, add pre-made Nexgen templates. NOTE: it is very important that TICK REPLAY is selected so "synthetic Fibonacci and Trigger Lines will populate.
Selecting markets to trade.
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