Build New Charts -Turn on /off trade plot markers
Building a new chart & chart markers
If you have accidentally deleted your workspace or it has become corrupt. See the deleting charts and templates and starting over section. However, if you only wish to add a new chart or build charts for a new market. From the control center, you will be able to achieve this. Select- FILE NEW CHART on Ninja 7. NEW CHART for Ninja 8.
You will need to format charts to the correct size, # of days of data to load, and any default session template. The default setting should be "INSTRUMENT SETTINGS" session templates on all charts. The following chart is a 13-2 Nexgen Dynamic Renko chart.
The following Ninja 8 chart is for an 8-Range chart using the Nexgen T3 Market Flow chart template to plot the 13-2 large triggers.
building new market flow range chart
Right-click on your chart in a blank area without plots then, select "format symbol" to see your settings. From here, you can turn ON or OFF the "trade" plots on your chart.
Turn on off trade plots on chart
You may build larger charts like a 34,000/5000 dynamic Renko like the one we use for Bitcoin data. Charts are premade in the workspaces supplied by Nexgen. At some point, you may have to remake your charts. You may also wish to experiment with other markets and chart sizes.
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