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Deleting old charts, templates workspaces and starting over with new downloaded files

sometimes it is best to just start over!
To delete all of your existing chart templates, BROWSE TO Documents\NinjaTrader 7 (8)\templates\Chart and then delete them all.
Delete all Ninja 8 workspaces
delete all old chart templates when starting over
You may also wish to delete all of your workspaces. BROWSE COMPUTER TO search to Documents\NinjaTrader 7 (8)\workspaces and DELETE EVERY FILE.
delete all chart templates on Ninja 8
delete all old workspaces when starting over
To download current software, visit Nexgen's resource page on the website and download the current workspaces and templates. Once complete, open Ninja Trader and enjoy your fresh workspaces.
Download Nexgen and Ninja Trader Installers