How to Add Micro Crude Oil to Ninja Trader 7

NinjaTrader installs with a predefined database of commonly traded instruments. There will be rare occasions where you may need to add a new instrument to the database. Go to tools- instrument manager from the main screen.

Fill in the data required for symbol. You may add this optional website

Click the Misc tab allows you to set instrument level commission settings, symbol mappings, and split and dividend information

Commission Section

Instrument level commission values override global commission settings. An example would be if you have a standard commission rate from your broker for most instruments but there may be an exception where your rate is different for the DOW Emini contract. You would then set the custom DOW Emini contract commission rate at the instrument level. Please see the Commission Tab section of the Help Guide for more information on setting up commission levels.

Symbol Mapping- NOTE: scroll down on the misc tab to get to the following screen.

Contract Months

The Contract months section shows the contract months with associated rollover dates. The Contract month, Rollover date, and Offset values are used when NinjaTrader automatically merges historical data.

You can open up the defined contract months by left mouse clicking in the Contract months field and selecting the "..." button that appears after you click in the space. This is not intuitive so please refer to picture above. The Contract month and Rollover date can be set per settings below.

Offset Value

The Offset value is to be left blank. Note: The rollover date is the date to roll into the selected contract month and NOT out of. For micro crude oil use the following settings.

Click OK and you will be able to now add the contract to your instrument manager that has the correct contract month. Please see this page for adding symbols.

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