Ninja Trader 7 Demo Access

If Ninja 8 is not an option...

To run Ninja Trader 7 instead of or in addition to Ninja Trader 8.

1. If you have a brokerage account, contact - and ask them to create a login and user name for Ninja Trader 7.

  1. If you wish to PAY for data, we suggest you don’t; however, you may pay for data immediately through Ninja Traders’ sister company, Kinetick.


Sign up for the data.

Install the IQfeed application. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

You must connect your data feed CLICK HERE.

Once connected to your IQ feed, you may start Ninja 7.

To install the Ninja 7 and NexGen programs, for installers CLICK HERE or visit Nexgen's resource page on the website.

Top Step Prop Firm still allows the use of Ninja 7. This is another good way to get a license key and data into Ninja Trader 7. You will have to pay for a funded account to use this option.

Click the links below for more information on Top Step and Ninja 7 connection instructions.

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