Nexgen Education- Sharing & Ninja Trader Fundamentals

After a Nexgen team member has installed your software, learn to use Ninja Trader and attend the Nexgen live chatroom

How to open Ninja Trader

Select the Ninja Trader Icon on your desktop by double-clicking on it. Make sure you are selecting the 64-bit version. Ninja Trader 7 and Ninja Trader 8 are very similar in look and function.
Icons to open Ninja Trader- intalled on Windows desktop
After double-clicking the icon, your Ninja Trader will open with Nexgen's default workspace. These will be the pre-made charts with the correct settings that you will use during your demo. You will see 3 charts from left to right, a 13-2 & 5-1 Dynamic Renko bar, and an 8-range chart on the right.
The Key Concepts for Each Chart 13-2, 5-1,8-1

After opening the Ninja trader platform, there will be a couple of basics you need to know to navigate around the platform smoothly. Please watch the following short instructional video.

Watch Full Screen - Important Ninja Trader Use and Chart Navigation Techniques

How to close Ninja Trader

Avoid closing the individual chart windows when closing your workspace. To properly close Ninja Trader 7 or Ninja Trader 8, locate and open the control center window, then click the "X" at the top right. Alternatively, you may select FILE at the top left corner of the control center > EXIT. After you have done this, it will ask if you would like to save your workspace; select "YES TO ALL" to save the preexisting workspace as is. When you relaunch your Ninja Trader application, it will populate your workspace and indicators precisely as it was when you closed it.
click to enlarge - Ninja 7 & 8 control centers

Nexgen's Educational Chatrooms and Screen Capture Tool

Nexgen’s educational chat rooms focused on teaching traders how to read the software and execute the trading rules properly. Nexgen's traders will speed through the education by having meaningful interaction during our live classes. Participate, and you will shorten your learning curve. Nexgen will be answering software questions & critiquing clients’ simulated trades when they post them in the online chat room, between 9 am ET - Noon EST Monday-Friday. Nexgen will also host a primary education 101 class in the afternoon from 2-3 pm EST Monday-Thursday. Our open forum allows you to ask questions, post charts, and trade executions for feedback.
Access the webinars from our Education page-
Click the banner for the morning live-market session or the 101 class.
How to Join the Nexgen Educational Chat Room
Fill out your name, email, and password that your sales associate will send to you.
for Nexgen Educational Chat Room
Part of our installation package may include a screen capturing program for you to use.
The ICON you need to clck to open picture capture software
TechSmith Capture will allow you to take screen-captured images. You may also mark up your captured images highlighting areas of interest on the chart with the Capture built-in drawing objects. While learning the software, you will obtain feedback and answers to your questions by posting pictures in the chat room. The following video example will walk you through exactly how to use TechSmith to capture and share images.
Watch in Full Screen