Ninja 8 Data Stability Instructions

Ninja Trader 8 daily clean up will be required for a stable trading day.
NINJA 8 works with Windows 10 & 11 & 16-32 GB RAM. Nexgen recommends upgrading to 64 GB RAM; anything over 64 GB is overkill. Following the steps outlined below is essential to ensure optimal performance and a smooth trading experience.
By diligently executing these steps, including deleting tick and cached data, DB tick files, temporary data, and the workspace recovery folder, users can proactively maintain stability and optimize the performance of the Ninja 8 platform.
Watch this short video or follow the written instructions below to clean NT8 data and prepare for the trading day.
2 minute how to clean Ninja 8 data prior to opening for the day
To delete cached tick data- BROWSE TO DOCUMENTS> NINJATRADER 8> DB folder or \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\db. Deletion of DB Tick Files: In addition to the tick and cached data removal, it is imperative to delete the DB tick files. These files store historical tick data and can accumulate over time, potentially leading to increased memory usage and performance degradation. Removing these files regularly ensures a clean and optimized database for the Ninja 8 platform.
You MUST delete out old data prior to opening Ninja 8
Clearing Temporary Data: Clearing temporary data is essential to maintain a streamlined workspace. By removing temporary files generated during platform usage, any redundant or unnecessary data is eliminated. This process enhances system performance and prevents potential conflicts or errors arising from an overloaded temporary data cache. Browse to Documents\NinjaTrader 8\tmp and remove the files.
Delete TMP data files.
Deleting Workspace Recovery Folder: The workspace recovery folder should be deleted to ensure a fresh start during each trading session. Removing this folder eliminates any lingering recovery files from previous sessions, reducing the likelihood of encountering data conflicts or errors. This promotes a stable trading environment and minimizes potential disruptions.
REMOVE the data recovery folder prior to opening Ninja 8.
When operating the Ninja 8 platform, it is crucial to refrain from utilizing Microsoft's OneDrive due to potential adverse consequences. OneDrive's functionality of saving data to a cloud server can lead to delayed updates and, ultimately, system crashes. In light of this, Nexgen strongly advises users to remove OneDrive entirely from their machines as a precautionary measure.
For users equipped with a capable video card, optimizing graphics settings for high performance using the provided image as a reference is advised. To accomplish this, follow the instructions below:
  1. 1.
    Open the search bar and enter "GRAPHICS."
  2. 2.
    Right-click on the NINJA 8 icon and select "Properties."
  3. 3.
    Copy the path specified in the properties menu.
  4. 4.
    Navigate to the settings section related to graphics and paste the copied path.
  5. 5.
    Enable the high-performance option instead of relying on Windows to determine the settings.
  6. 6.
    By implementing these adjustments, your GPU will be better utilized to render NINJA 8 graphics efficiently.
By adhering to these instructions, users can enhance their graphics' performance and maximize their video cards' capabilities while utilizing the NINJA 8 platform.
Set your video card GPU to high performance.
To ensure optimal performance and prevent potential crashes in the Ninja 8 platform, it is crucial to consistently operate your computer on a high-power plan that maximizes CPU utilization throughout the day. It is worth noting that certain laptops may default to a power-saver mode, which can adversely affect the stability of Ninja 8. To address this issue, follow the instructions provided below:
  1. 1.
    Access the search bar and input "EDIT POWER" as the search query.
  2. 2.
    From the search results, select the option labeled "Edit power plan."
  3. 3.
    This action will open the power plan settings, enabling you to modify and customize the power plan to your requirements.
  4. 4.
    Ensure you select a high-performance power plan that prioritizes CPU usage rather than a power-saving mode.
By adhering to these guidelines and consistently operating your computer on a high-power plan, you can optimize CPU utilization, promote system stability, and mitigate the risk of encountering crashes within the Ninja 8 platform.
search to edit power plan.
You may use any higher power plan your computer system offers from here.
Make sure you run a high power plan on windows
To access and modify the advanced power settings necessary to optimize your computer's behavior, follow the steps outlined below:
  1. 1.
    Initiate a search by entering "EDIT POWER PLAN" into the search bar.
  2. 2.
    Click "Change advanced power settings" from the search results within the power plan window.
  3. 3.
    This action will open a window where you can customize the advanced power settings.
  4. 4.
    It is crucial to ensure that your computer and hard drives are configured never to idle, hibernate, or turn off.
  5. 5.
    Take note that the option to access the advanced power settings is available only through the "power plan" page and not the "battery-savings" page if you use a laptop.
  6. 6.
    The example provided illustrates how the advanced power settings screen should appear.
Following these steps, you can access the advanced power settings and make the necessary adjustments to prevent idling, hibernation, or power-off events for your computer and hard drives.
It is highly recommended to synchronize the time on your Windows operating system regularly. By performing this synchronization frequently, preferably on a daily basis, you can mitigate the risk of time discrepancies. Windows tends to lose or gain time, which can impact the accuracy of data feeds, including Ninja Trader 8's precise data feed that operates at a hundredth of a second level.
To synchronize your Windows time, follow the steps provided below:
  1. 1.
    Access the search bar and enter "clock" or "time" as the search query.
  2. 2.
    From the search results, locate and select the option to "Sync Windows Time" or a similar reference.
  3. 3.
    This action will initiate synchronization, aligning your computer's clock with a reliable time source.
By adhering to this practice and ensuring regular time synchronization, you can maintain the accuracy of your system clock, which is crucial for precise data feeds in platforms like Ninja 8. Taking these steps will contribute to more reliable and consistent trading experiences.
sync windows time
When you open Ninja 8, if you see the following screen, do not panic. The data and your indicators are out of sync. Outlined below the picture are steps to try before another complete cleanout.
When data and indicators get out of sync, you will see this in the log. DO NOT PANIC!
Close any workspaces and build a clean chart without indicators or templates.
build a clean chart
Right click on the chart, load the GENERIC dynamic renko bar template. You can do this with a blank range chart and the generic range chart template also.
Simply right-click on the chart, and reload all historical data until the chart populates correctly without error. You may have to do this multiple times.
right click on chart reload historical data
Once the chart loads properly, continue making charts and save your workspace.
Working perfectly
When you wish to run the FULL Nexgen chart templates use the premade templates to build new charts and select the setup you desire. Double-check that you have enabled TICK REPLAY from your charts when you build them.
If you have a live account with Ninja Trader and you wish to trade APEX or some other services, it is recommended that you clean NT8 up. then connect to ONE OF THE TWO DATA FEEDS. Let your charts populate and then connect to your second source of data. If you connect them both and then open charts, it does crazy things that might cause a crash. We have found following this order of opening works crash-free.
If you find yourself NT8 struggling at the start of Ninja 8 opening, try to open the platform without opening any workspaces. You will then "PRE_DOWNLOAD" data before opening your charts. From the menu, click TOOLS> HISTORICAL DATA.
Pre-download historical tick data
First, select the instrument, and days to load, click the TICK, MINUTE ASK, AND BID BOXES, and click DOWNLOAD.
Select instrument and days to load
After downloading the data, close the window and open your workspaces. This should solve any start-up issues with data.
open workspace after data download
Drag and drop on NINJA 8 will cause a freeze. When you are ready to move an entry or exit order, click on order to activate it, LET GO OF THE MOUSE BUTTON, then place the order at the new price and left-click the mouse again.
If you build a new chart, right-click on a blank space on the chart and go to PROPERTIES. DOUBLE-CHECK that the chart does not allow drag and drop of chart series. All premade Nexgen chart templates have this setting correct. This picture is for those who build a new chart from scratch and may need to double-check this setting.
Make sure any new charts you build do not have drag and drop active
When you get an order that is "STUCK PENDING" on Ninja 8 in orange. You will see a PENDING ORDER that you cannot get rid of, log out of Ninja Trader 8 and go through the clean-up process for data and also clean out LOG and TRACE FILES. GO TO TOOLS DATABASE MANAGEMENT AND RESET IT.
Reset Data Base
How to remove a PENDING ORDER that you cannot close
When using Ninja 7, if you do, you only have to delete the data files.
click to enlarge- how to clean out Ninja Trader 7 tick data
When utilizing Ninja Trader 7, it is strongly advised to double-check the merge policy for your data to ensure accurate historical prices. Specifically, the merge policy should be set to "DO NOT MERGE." Failure to adhere to this recommendation may result in the platform stitching together past contract prices and making adjustments that deviate from the actual price movements.
These adjustments can introduce discrepancies in the historical prices displayed on the charts, complicating the analysis of Fibonacci levels. To rectify this issue, if you need to change your merge policy, you must re-clean your data to remove the historical data affected by these price offsets.
To illustrate this matter visually, refer to the accompanying picture.
Check your data merge policy in Ninja Trader 7- Do not merge is required.
See deleting old charts and templates if you want to start over in a clean environment when using Ninja Trader. CLICK HERE FOR THE PAGE

Daily computer cleanout- not required but we use it

This routine is followed daily by John Novak, the CEO, to ensure he has a clean computer for the upcoming trading session. Using NORTON UTILITIES PREMIUM will clean the computer, and unused RAM will be released. The computer is also set to run at maximum performance.
From the main dashboard, click "Re-analyze."
Click to Enlarge- Open Norton Utilities Premium and click re-analyze
Then click repair all and turn off all start-up programs that may slow your computer.
Repair and turn off programs
Choose Speed Up. Then use the RAM Reclaimer section and open it by clicking it.
Once open it will analyze your RAM and give you the option to defragment. You will have to push this button 3-6 times generally until you have entirely defragmented your RAM.
keep clicking the degragment button until its green and you hit zero
Once the RAM is completely defragmented, your screen will look like this.
RAM is now totally defragmented
Finally, click the Real-Time Boost button. From "CONFIGURATION TAB," please make sure you activate and check each of the boxes. Select the power optimizer mode ultra-performance gaming, ensuring your CPU and GPU will run at full speed in a clean environment.
make sure your screen looks like this- close the program
You are now ready to open your Ninja Trader 7 or 8 with a clean, fast computer setup.
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