Screen Capture Programs & How to Share in Class

Chat room participation and picture information found here

Download and install the free TechSmith capture program.

You must set up a FREE screencast account to broadcast your pictures in the Discord live-streaming events for feedback or to ask questions.

Watch the following short video to post your trade entries and management.

You can also post pictures in Discord without the upload to screencast using copy-paste.

If you write rules on your charts, you will learn them faster. This is an example of what Nexgen writes on charts when teaching clients to recognize the trend trading rules.

You may customize your charts' colors or arrows with a paid version of Snag-It. (not required) Download and install here. You can copy and paste a picture of your "TRADE CHECKLIST" on top of your trading charts after taking a picture which most new users find to be a valuable addition.

Please post your pictures in the discord for feedback on how well you followed the rules and things you might do better in the future. We know people are shy and do not want to be wrong in public. We get it. Losing sucks, but not learning how to win will sucks much worse. We are here to help.

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