Daily computer preparation for high performance
Ninja Trader 7 steps included for cleaning data daily.
When using Ninja Trader 7, we feel it is best to delete existing TICK and CACHED data daily. This process takes a few extra minutes and will be instrumental for you to maintain consistent Fibonacci lines on charts.
If your computer clock is anything other than the USA Eastern timezone, your midnight is different and may likely create Fibonacci discrepancies. Ensuring your trading computer click is set to the EASTERN time (New York) will force your midnight to be the same as the chat room runners charts, thus eliminating Fibonacci area inconsistencies based on recalculation periods.
To delete cached tick data- BROWSE TO DOCUMENTS> NINJATRADER7> DB folder. Then delete the individual CACHE AND TICK folders. The "data" folder is the historical replay data you have downloaded. You do not have to delete that folder unless you start with new replay data. WARNING: do not delete the SQL FILE, which contains your ATM strategies and instrument lists. If you accidentally delete the SQL file, you will have to rebuild your ATMs and repopulate your instrument list.
click to enlarge- how to clean out Ninja Trader 7 tick data
This routine is followed daily by John Novak, the CEO, to ensure he has a clean computer for the upcoming trading session. Using NORTON UTILITIES PREMIUM will clean the computer, and unused RAM will be released. The computer is also set to run at maximum performance.
From the main dashboard, click "Re-analyze."
Click to Enlarge- Open Norton Utilities Premium and click re-analyze
Then click repair all and turn off all start-up programs that may slow your computer.
Repair and turn off programs
Choose Speed Up. Then use the RAM Reclaimer section and open it by clicking it.
Once open it will analyze your RAM and give you the option to defragment. You will have to push this button 3-6 times generally until you have entirely defragmented your RAM.
keep clicking the degragment button until its green and you hit zero
Once the RAM is completely defragmented, your screen will look like this.
RAM is now totally defragmented
Finally, click the Real-Time Boost button. From "CONFIGURATION TAB," please make sure you activate and check each of the boxes. Select the power optimizer mode ultra-performance gaming, ensuring your CPU and GPU will run at full speed in a clean environment.
make sure your screen looks like this- close the program
You are now ready to open your Ninja Trader 7 or 8 with a clean, fast computer setup.
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