HVA /MOMENTUM TRADE- Termination + Entries

Market flow HVA line or Momentum trade after a great top or bottom

By incorporating the T3 Market Flow HVA (High Volume Area) lines as entry areas, you can further enhance your trading skills and expand upon the knowledge you have gained from studying termination conditions and T3 Trigger Line analysis.

Rule #1 for executing an HVA trade emphasizes the importance of having a well-defined top or bottom termination condition. It is essential to thoroughly understand the termination page and review the prior sections on chart reading to solidify your understanding of this concept.

Rule #2 builds upon the Trigger Line reading section of this guide, which you have already studied. This foundation will be a strong basis for incorporating the HVA trade into your trading plan, enabling you to decide whether to add this strategy to your repertoire.

By following these rules and ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of termination conditions and Trigger Line analysis, you can confidently incorporate the HVA trade into your trading plan and enhance your overall trading approach.

A "momentum trade" follows the same principles as an HVA Trade, with the only distinction being the utilization of Fibonacci-based areas for entry instead of the T3 Market Flow HVA areas. The momentum trade is a viable option for users not yet prepared to incorporate the T3 Market Flow into their trading strategy immediately.

After identifying a termination condition, which you should review in detail, it is crucial to exercise patience and wait for the triggers to roll before taking action. In the provided example, you will observe the Fibonacci on the right and ensure it holds, creating a termination condition. This condition is met when the trigger lines are positioned below the Fibonacci area and have crossed downwards.

By waiting for the correct look, where all the specified conditions align, you significantly increase the probability of executing a successful trade. This approach emphasizes the importance of thorough analysis and strategic decision-making, ensuring you enter the market with a high likelihood of achieving positive results. Remember to consistently review the termination conditions and carefully observe the trigger line movements to enhance your trading accuracy.

The following are examples of a termination condition and a T3 Market Flow HVA entry.

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