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T3 Fibs ProTrader- Tomorrow's Trading Technology

Nexgen Software Services is a company that specializes in providing trading software solutions and educational resources to new or aspiring traders. Nexgen prides itself on its ability to train day traders at all levels looking to make a living through trading by maximizing gains and mitigating risk. Traders are taught 27-year-old, time-tested trading methods that have proven to win. If you are ready to install a demo, please contact technical support by clicking this link.

As a company, Nexgen Software Services offers the following:

  1. T3 Fibs ProTrader: T3 Fibs ProTrader is a specific trading software developed by Nexgen. It is an automated Fibonacci indicator tool designed to assist traders in identifying potential support and resistance levels, price targets, and trade entry/exit points. The software incorporates various Fibonacci indicators, including Fibonacci retracement, extension, and time extension indicators. Additional Fibonacci-based indicators are provided in the package.

  2. Educational Resources: Nexgen offers in-depth live trading classes in Discord, webinars, and educational materials to help traders enhance their knowledge and skills. User guides to assist new users in learning how to do the required technical analysis, Fibonacci analysis, risk management, and other essential aspects of trading.

  3. Capital: APEX Trader Funding, whose primary objective is to provide traders with an exceptional opportunity to secure funding through a proprietary firm. Nexgen understands that not all traders have access to sufficient capital or are willing to risk their savings to engage in trading activities. We have partnered with APEX evaluation programs to be straightforward, eliminating unnecessary rules and complexities to maximize gains and mitigate risk.

  4. Trading Software Solutions: Nexgen uses and provides advanced trading software platforms such as NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, and TradeStation. These platforms offer charting tools, indicators, automated trading capabilities, and other features to support traders executing their day trading strategies.

The T3 Fibs ProTrader uses automated multiple-timeframe Fibonacci ratios to highlight significant price levels and time targets based on historical price data. This tool aims to aid traders in making informed trading decisions and optimizing their trading strategies. Fibonacci levels are the roadmap for traders to trade "to and from."

Nexgen Software Services combines Fibonacci-based trading software solutions with superior educational resources to support traders in pursuing successful day trading outcomes. Nexgen Software Services offers tools and knowledge to assist traders in analyzing markets, executing trades, and improving their overall trading performance.

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