Trade Tracking Sheet - Track Performance & Progress
Track your educational progress in pictures and notes
We at Nexgen Software Services believe you should take the time to track your trading progress using a spreadsheet or some other tracking program that you may purchase online. A trade tracking sheet will allow you to document your progress, track your wins and losses and give you a centralized study guide of your trades. During your installation, we provided you with an example sheet. The tracking sheet is located in a folder on your desktop named "Nexgen Study Pix..." You may access another copy by clicking here and saving the file by downloading it to your hard drive.
Do not forget your goals when you are trading. A few good trades per day is all it takes to be a winner, do not forget this is an ultra-marathon, not a sprint!
Make sure you focus on the best trades and meet your objectives
If you do not have Microsoft Office products, you may download free to use "Open Office products by following the link and downloading the program.
It would be best to track your trades using the sheet while trading on the simulator and replay as you work your way through the first 90 days. While creating pictures, please take the time to write your rules out using the boxes provided. Please visit the user guide for more information on screen capturing software programs and on how to take, annotate and post the pictures in the online chat room.
Make sure you take the time to fill in this sheet with 100's of your example trades, please use the second tab to highlight your favorite trading looks, which will become part of your trading plan. John Novak, the software developer, provided some examples to get you started- IT IS WORTH RECOGNIZING HIS ATTENTION TO STRONG TRIGGERS or/and HVA LINES ON THE PICTURES. The examples in the sheet are not intended to be trading advice or to serve as a replacement for your own hard work, just to give you an idea of how to define, "your best looks".
Please study the best looks pages and fill in your own trades
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