Study Time- Market Replay & Education Routine
Full participation in live simulation and market replay trading
The following is a daily routine you should follow. Learning Fibonacci and Trigger Line reading and understanding when it is time to trade is very important. Simulation of trades, to prove you can make money is also very important. Posting pictures in class, while uncomfortable at first, will be invaluable to your speed of learning. Finally, using market replays to study history is one of the most valuable tools you can use. Open and study this picture below.
Daily Routine to Become a Great Trader
Market Replay should now be used daily to replay the day and fix mistakes and fine-tune your plan. Every great trader, regardless of the years or decades they have with Nexgen uses market replay. Trading "as-if live" using the simulator every day is paramount. Trading the live market using the simulator, combined with daily market replay and fine-tuning allows consistency to become second nature. Trading "as-if live" combined with replay trading builds strong trust in the plan. (NOTE: do not "play" with 20 lots on the simulator when you will only be trading 1 when you go live). Confidence in your plan will only grow when you are strictly adhering to the plan you will trade.
The #1 mistake a new Nexgen user will make is trading live money too quickly- DO NOT DO IT! New traders do not place trades they "think" are incorrect! Please allow Nexgen educators a few weeks of doubling checking your work so as a new trader you will "KNOW" they are correct. The rules and management concepts are simple and profitable when followed correctly. The experienced users make it look so easy, however, new traders need to build "unshakeable" confidence in their plan and his or her ability to execute precisely. "Confidence" is earned through repetition. Most traders typically put in at least 500 +/- "correctly executed" simulation trades & manage those trades on live market and replay. Please participate in class and get feedback on your trades to make sure you are doing things perfectly.
To do market replay, please follow along with the following 4-minute video.
Market Replay Ninja 7
If using Ninja 7 for replay, to build your charts, find the control center then select- FILE NEW CHART on Ninja 7. NEW CHART for Ninja 8.
Start building a new chart from the control center
Then select the market, # of days, and chart template settings for each market. The picture below is for use with Ninja Trader 7 replay. Follow this same routine if you accidentally delete a chart and need to rebuild.
Ninja 7 chart termplate settings

If you wish to do a Market Replay with Ninja Trader 8

Once you download the data for replay, please just open a workspace and go. There is no need to rebuild charts if using Ninja Trader 8 for Market Replay.