Psychology of Trading
You Must Know How to Think Like a Professional Trader
Learning to trade at a high level is not only about making money. Learning to trade at a high level is about the process of understanding which Nexgen indicator patterns you can execute without fear. Some of that process involves trading many winning and losing trades. Do not fear losing while learning. Keep your eye on your vision of being consistent and having successful results for your efforts.
Nexgen stresses that all new traders should complete their education using the simulator and market replay. In our experience, many traders test their trading rules and emotional control skills too early with real money. Meaning, many traders trade an incomplete or poorly developed plan without the winning mindset and usually end up paying the price with frustration and losers that are completely avoidable. Nexgen will provide all of the tools to avoid this pitfall. Everyone can win, you must choose to win, you must choose to think like a winner. Nexgen's technical patterns provide the statistical advantage, your mindset and application will allow you to reap the rewards through proper mindset and execution.
John Novak the CEO and developer of the Nexgen software, spent countless months in talks with Mark Douglas in the early 2000s which helped form a solid basis of study for our users. The following 4 YouTube videos, publicly available, are essential for new traders to gain a functional understanding of the correct psychology needed to execute Nexgen's (your) trading plan. Nexgen trading setups and management techniques give you the edge, your mindset regarding your trading edge will make the difference between winning and losing. Please watch these videos. No endorsement of Nexgen Software is implied by the late Mark Douglas. This is just good information that all new traders should understand in order to use their Nexgen Software to its fullest potential.
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