Market Flow Volume Analysis
Market Flow - Volume Analysis for Entry Confirmation, Execution and Management
The T3 Market Flow indicator plots information based on the "buyers vs sellers" at each price. When there are more buyers at a price, the indicator will plot green dots. Where then are more sellers at a price, the indicator will plot magenta dots. Nexgen traders will also use a few specific patterns to help time entries when the rules for a trend trade or HVA trade are true.
Click to enlarge- Market Flow signals defined
If you are on Ninja 7 and the dots are behind the bars. Please use this short video and make sure the dots for the market flow are on top of the bars.
Click to enlarge- how to place market flow dots on top of the bars

Arrows as a signal after white paint bars

Click to enlarge- Market Flow arrow long signal
Click to enlarge- Market Flow arrow short signal

High volume lines for HVA trades

Click to enlarge- Market flow Green HVA line entry point
Click to enlarge- Market flow Magenta HVA line entry point

Yellow paint bars as a signal

Click to enlarge- Market Flow arrow yellow signal

Antenna bar signal -stranded buyers or sellers

Click to enlarge- Market Flow antenna bar long signal
Click to enlarge- Market Flow antenna bar short signal
Market flow education needs a warning; it is a powerful, helpful, and confidence-building indicator when used properly. It is best if you only use the market flow indicator at areas that are likely to continue and you need an entry signal, a termination spot where the market trend is likely to stop. This will keep you from trying to "figure out" what every bar is saying when it is irrelevant.
Only use T3 Market Flow at the "best" spots that you need a signal to enter the market
This trend trade shows an entry after 2 very distinct market flow advantages were present. The first advantage is the presence of a high volume area(HVA) line with down trigger lines at the HVA line. The second is a market flow signal short as a yellow antenna bar.
Market Flow signal from HVA line for one more trend trade short
When there is divergence on the high of the 5-1 chart which also coincides with bearish market flow bars from the top (yellow antenna followed by a white paint bar down), traders will wait for a market flow long signal before going long. In this case, there was no signal and no long trade.
Divergence plus a yellow white paint bar combo- wait for a signal
The following picture is another example of 5-1 divergence on the low, accompanied by bullish market flow signals. If there are no short signals at the trend trade spot, do not place a trade.
Divergence on 5-1 with yellow white paint bar combination
If there is a signal to buy after a 5-1 divergence bearish market flow stop, please pay attention to the magenta HVA line when managing trades. Typically most traders will exit 1/2 of the position at the HVA 10-15 ticks profit and break-even or better on the remaining position.
management with hva lines is prudent when trading into potential termination conditions
In the following picture, divergence on the 5-1 with a yellow-white paint bar combination during the strong trend. Some experienced traders elect to sell the white paint bar high in anticipation of a down signal. This is best during a strong trend and only when all triggers are helping the trade 100%. If you wait, you will look for entry after the market flow signal. Stops are placed 2 ticks above the market flow arrow signal.
entering after a white paint bar or after the signal is ok in strong trend.
The market will sometimes present "medium probability" trades which are defined as when most indicators line up for a trade, however, a small issue exists. This is when the market flow indicator may help fine-tune your entry. Notice the yellow-white combination from the low; the entry is taken after the market flow signal. The short was also at the HVA magenta line at the high.
yellow-white combo that created entry after signal from HVA line

T3 Market Flow indicator video

Watch full screen- T3 Market Flow Video