CryptoCurrency Trading with Nexgen- BTCUSD ETHUSD
Nexgen's T3 Fibs ProTrader will give you an overwhelming advantage when trading cryptocurrencies. Note: at this time, you will NOT be able to execute cash crypto trading inside of Ninja Trader 8, so you will have to use a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange. One that preferably allows for both long and short positions to be taken. Ninja Trader 8 has prebuilt connections (FREE) for CoinBase data which will allow you to easily analyze the markets of your choice. To configure your connection in Ninja 8, see the following picture. You may also see detailed instructions provided by Ninja Trader at
configure CoinBase connection in Ninja Trader 8
Connecting to coinbase data for cryptocurrencies
Trade the rules the same way you would using Nexgen's Fibonacci analysis, charts, and workspaces and your favorite cryptocurrency platforms such as CoinBase Pro or or many others that will allow you to trade without or with leverage both the long and short side (only buys on Coinbase) to day trade. The following is an example of Nexgen's ETH USD day trading workspace. The rules you will use for Crypto day trading are identical to day trading futures.
Day Trading crypto ETHUSD
The following picture is from coinbase pro platform. Remember that coinbase is a longs only platform and you will not be able to take short positions. Good for long-term investing not as good for day trading.
The following picture is an example from the platform. Typically, traders would fund the ByBit account with Tether (USDT). USDT must be purchased on another exchange such as Kraken or Coinbase. USDT would be on deposit. Traders would trade ETHUSDT or BTCUSDT as the contract. Please do your research on accessing these types of platforms. Traders who reside inside the USA or other countries may have special restrictions to trading on certain platforms. There are many websites dedicated to this particular issue-Click for one such example. Nexgen is not endorsing any platform nor suggesting violation of any platforms policies regarding who can use their services; this is merely an example for the sake of education for those who wish to trade Nexgen & Crypto. The ByBit platform allows you to move stops and targets with a drag and drop identical to Ninja Trader. Remember, it is the Fibonacci and Trigger Line patterns that count! Nexgen's analysis works on any market that is liquid.
Example Day Trading on ByBit platform
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