Education Videos- Platform-Indicator-Trading Knowledge
You online resource for learning how to successfully trade Nexgen's T3 Fibs ProTrader
Step #1 video.
Step #1 Video
This video walks you through Fibonacci and Trigger line reading for trend trades and high probability HVA trades.
The first video is 101 classroom education for new users of the software.
101 class room video
The following video will give a short description of the Nexgen Fibonacci based indicators.
The following video is a LONG 1:10 min VERSION for brand new traders that will give you a very detailed description of how to day trade, the software and basic understanding for those with little to no trading experience.
The following video will give you a better understanding of Fibonacci and how Nexgen uses Fibonacci based charts.
The following is a classroom recording from Aug 18th 2021
The following video is a VERY SHORT VERSION of a trading plan description.
The following video is a LONG VERSION 1:43 min that was recorded in a live class. This will give you a VERY DETAILED explanation of Nexgen's trading plan.
The following video is a short version of Nexgen's Trend Trade rules.
Trend Trade Examples and Rules
The following video is 1:33 minutes, giving you a very detailed overview of everything you will need to understand to read and trade Nexgen's indicators at the highest level.
Entry and Exit timing using Nexgen's T3 Market Flow indicator video. This video gives you a full breakdown of what the software is and the plots it creates. REMEMBER: you only need the market flow entry bars when the rules in the trading plan call for it's use.
The following video is a detailed Entry and Exit video that will help you understand how to manage trades.
The following video will give you context to define GOOD TOPS BOTTOMS or not so good tops and bottoms. This video is an important part of reading Nexgen Software Fibonacci and Trigger Lines.
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