Trade Something Specific "RULES"- IMPORTANT
A note from John Novak - CEO and developer
It is very important that you do not "look for something to trade," instead, "TRADE SPECIFIC RULES."
Remember: If you cannot name and annotate your trade, do not take the trade. Trading the rules will be the difference between watching the market and seeing/ taking random trades based versus trading specific rules. You must focus on the exact patterns that generate winning trades. This plan gives you exact rules, setups, and management techniques you should master before taking any trades outside of this plan. Please refer to this plan and annotate your charts and trades by name when posting charts in class. We want everyone to win big! Consistency is important.
Nexgen does not provide trading signals β€œas a service” nor offer personalized trading advice. Example trading plans and any trades taken during class by the educator, any written and or video documentation is for educational purposes only. All speculation, including day trading with leveraged instruments, involves great risk as well as reward. Please assess your financial situation carefully.
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