HVA Trade - Market Flow at Tops or Bottoms
Rules for buying bottoms and selling tops with the HVA line
Rule #1- the market must make a termination condition for a top or bottom Rule #2. Wait for the trigger lines to roll in the trade direction. Rule #3 buy or sell the High Volume Area (HVA) line on Market Flow
The following short video will walk you through the execution of an HVA trade.
HVA trade entry and management (trade shortened for educational purposes)
After the termination condition. (review the termination conditions that are to memorize) you must wait for the triggers to roll. It is very tempting to try to be first. You do NOT have to be first. You have to be right. In the following example, you will see Fibonacci on the left tempting you. Wait for the Fibonacci on the right after the trigger lines roll to ensure a high probability of a winning trade.
HVA long trade after Fibonacci Divergence Pivot Stop Out Termination
Nexgen Software HVA short trade after triggers roll
Nexgen Software HVA short trade after triggers roll
Nexgen Software HVA long trade after triggers roll light annotation
Nexgen Software HVA short trade after triggers roll- unannotated
another example of a high volume area long trade on crude oil futures
HVA long with Market Flow signal helping after termination
You must not attempt HVA trades when the large chart, or at least the small chart, has NOT made a termination condition. You will lose this trade most of the time.
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