Replay: Testing Current & Prior Contracts
when studying Nexgen- go back in history to build confidence
To download and do market replay on Ninja Trader 7 please follow the short video below
To download and do market replay on Ninja Trader 8 please follow the short video below
If you wish to replay easier, we suggest using Ninja Trader 8. When doing replay on Ninja, make sure you have the prior 30 days of tick data loaded before doing replay. This will ensure data availability for Fibonacci accuracy. Ninja 8 is easier to back test prior contracts due to the updated replay interface. Download the data and simply open the workspace you wish to replay.
When you wish to back test prior contracts, consult the ninja trader calendar for expiration and roll dates for your specific contracts. Make sure you download the correct historical tick data as well as the replay data for your market. Keep in mind energy contracts roll once per month. S&P futures once every quarter. The picture below shows a compilation of the last 3 crude oil months and what it would look like to download historical tick data for each.
It is also important to make sure you load 30 days of historical data for each contract month to replay it. Notice the default days back is only 7.
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