Download-Use the Trade Tracking Sheet
Track your educational progress in pictures and notes
Step 5. Keep a Trade Log - CME Group
Exchange created content trade tracking (no endorsement of Nexgen software is implied-just good info)
We at Nexgen Software Services believe you should take the time to track your trading progress. To make this easier for you, we have constructed a pre-made log for you. Click this link to "DOWNLOAD" the trading spreadsheet.​
If you do not have Microsoft office products, you may download free to use "open office products by following the link and downloading the program.​
You will be able to track your trades on the simulator and replay as you work your way through the first 90 days. The link to the sheet above is a master Nexgen copy, and to edit it, you must download and save your own copy as an excel spreadsheet or open document sheet.
download your trade tracking sheet to your computer
You will then be able to edit and save your own sheet. To post a link on your own sheet from screencast, click the link icon on excel and paste in the link after you take a picture and upload from screencast.
if you do not have Microsoft office or Excel, you may download a FREE VERSION of open office.​
Paste link in open office
When creating pictures for your sheet, please take the time to write the rules on your sheet. See the user guide for more information on screen capturing software downloads.
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