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When do futures "roll" to next contract month?
Access the Ninja trader trade desk calendar using the blog link below. This will tell you when the futures contracts end or otherwise "roll over" to the next contract. Once you reach this date, make sure you have loaded the next contract month. SEE ROLLING CONTRACTS in use guide page for instructions on how to roll your contracts.
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Download the current margin requirements PDF here. This will tell you the current cost to trade 1 contract on the markets of your choice through the Ninja Trader brokerage. If you use a different brokerage, check with your trading firm for current margin requirements. When you click the link to the PDF you will find the current margins.
The hours of operation for futures trading are important to know. The hours for some futures can vary, so it is important when day trading that you do not stay in a position past the day session close. If you do, the margin requirements for holding an overnight position may be considerably higher.
CME Group Trading Hours
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