Downloading Tick/Replay Data Ninja 8 , Ninja 7
It is recommended that you download tick data for your markets in Ninja 8 prior to first opening
Pre-population of Ninja 8 tick data before opening charts is important for the synthetic Fibonacci and trigger line time-frames. These timeframes require bid-ask data in a tick format to build Fibonacci and Triggers from other charts. Please make sure you do this before opening a workspace.
downloading ninja 8 historical tick bid ask data
Double-check to make sure you have 30 days. Ninja trader will default to 7.
double check your settings prior to download
If you skip downloading historical data, or NINJA 8 feels temperamental (usually not downloading data is the cause), your charts may open without the data. Do not panic. Right-click on the chart and reload all historical data. This will download the missing data and your indicators will repopulate on the charts.
if preloaded data is unavailable in Ninja 8
It is also important that when you do not see your SYNTHETIC FIBS OR TRIGGERS, you have the data options formatted correctly. Check this using the TOOLS OPTIONS MENU.
do not merge and tick replay activation
To download replay data in Ninja 8. Use the same historical data menu. Select the market and the day you wish to download. Click download. You may repeat this process to load additional days. Make sure you are downloading the "correct month" futures contract you wish to replay.
download tick replay data for ninja 8
Ninja Trader 8 How to download replay data
How to download replay data for Ninja 7. See video below
Video walkthrough: how to download and set up market replay using Ninja Trader 7.
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