Nexgen - Educational Syllabus

Step by Step Process- Learning how to Profitably trade Fibonacci

"TRUST" is the #1 goal for anyone on demo and starting the process of learning how to day trade Nexgen's Fibonacci based software.

Trust has been defined as the "memory of success". At Nexgen we believe when our traders must repeat the same trading patterns hundreds of not thousands of times. This will help them gain absolute faith and an unshakable trust in their analysis, and more importantly the expected financial outcome for a particular trade. Building of trust as a protective shield against the inevitable losers or string of losers that will happen. Though proper planning and practice, traders will know the winners will far outweigh the losers. This allows Nexgen traders to continue trading unscathed by a loss or series of losses allowing them to reap the rewards presented by the markets.

When on demo , learning to trust that the net result of all of your effort, time and money spent learning to trade will result in a consistently above average profit using Nexgen's trading plan and software.

Trust in Nexgen's Fibonacci software begins with memorizing the patterns of the 3 main Fibonacci based indicators. Traders will learn to generate a consistent and accurate expectation of a particular, yet to be determined outcome, based on the indicator’s current patterns. Knowing what "should" happen next (and it actually happening most of the time) is paramount when building trust. Consistently trading the patterns and rules will be learned using a trading simulator and soliciting feedback from the instructors.

Remember, it is imperative that traders assume ZERO FINANCIAL RISK while learning how to execute a plan flawlessly. Live executions during the trading day as well as after the day using market replay will be the only way a new user will build trust in a winning plan. Traders will learn to execute the plan effortlessly, without emotional bias. (the hard part)!

Traders will work each week towards the goal of profitable trading. Historically, the first two month are spent learning patterns and rules for entry and exit management. Then by months 2-6 traders solidify a plan through real time execution on simulator and market replay. Traders will finalize their plan to trade live money after entry, exit, management mastery is achieved. Only after trading becomes second nature, combined with one's ability to control emotions will lead to achieving the financial goal unique to each traders’ plan.