Step #6- Simulator Market Replay & Feedback
Training on simulator and replay features and getting feedback
To download and do market replay on Ninja Trader 7 please follow the short video below
NINJA 7 Market Replay
To download and do market replay on Ninja Trader 8 please follow the short video below
Ninja Trader 8 Market Replay
Traders must focus on trading as if they are going to trade live money. Simulator trading should be an exact match for how traders will trade with live money. Traders must practice exactly as if they are trading live money. If one is to start on Micro ES contracts, then practice with Micro ES contracts. Trade the # of contracts that will be traded when a trader switches to live money. A trader’s emotions are “trained” to expect a particular result. If too much money is traded on the simulator, emotions are strained when trading live. This creates conflicting emotions with unintended negative consequences. Private or small group sessions are available to review trades a trader has taken and get feedback.
This is a DAILY routine of things you can do to become a better trader.
It is also vital that you keep a trading log so you can track your progress. How to do this is covered in the Nexgen 101 class. Here is a recorded version of the class, which runs Monday- Thursday at 2 pm ET.
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