Demo Process- Getting Started- Installation and Basic Info

Learning what Nexgen is all about and getting ready to do the demo

The following steps in this document will give you a meaningful understanding of our Fibonacci trading method. The live chatroom educators and sales staff will demonstrate how our software program, trading plan, and education will guide you to reaching the highest level of trading success as an elite trader.

Installing theT3 Fibs ProTrader software will take a couple of minutes. (Call or email us now to install). Our technical support department will install your software, so it is installed correctly. If you wish to install it yourself, contact Nexgen and ask us to create your own personal file and email it with instructions. Nexgen's software will be installed as an add-on to a charting /brokerage/simulation program called Ninja Trader, allowing Nexgen's Fibonacci software to be visualized on the charts. We will supply this full working demo of Ninja Trader to you at no charge. You will also execute simulated and replay trades to practice using this platform. If you are unfamiliar with Ninja Trader, please refer to the user guide for daily use tips. - START HERE WITH OPENING NINJA TRADER, then work your way down the list on our user guide to open workspaces and build new charts when needed.

Nexgen thrives on teaching beginners to the markets and those who wish to advance their current trading methods. Nexgen's educational materials, combined with questions about any subject you need to be clarified, will teach you everything you need to be successful. We suggest everyone watch this straightforward, introductory video that will give you a solid foundation and understanding of the Fibonacci process, trigger lines to start your education. This video also covers the other indicators, bar structure, placing trades long or short futures market information, and introducing you to what you will learn in steps 1-2-3.

After your demo software is loaded, you will join our live online educational classes and online content. The 101 class will give you the lessons needed to start your trading career. If you are unable to attend the 101 class, please WATCH THE 101 VIDEO HERE.

If you cannot attend the live class in the morning due to work or other commitments, this is an example of one of our live classes. Watch the class video recorded on Aug. 18th, 2021.

Your demo time will be spent watching videos, loading demo software, making practice trades, attending online classes, learning to capture pictures, and asking questions, and building an understanding of the Nexgen method.

Please start studying steps #1-2-3 in this document we well as the videos on the education page.