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The following Ninja Trader calendar will tell you the current futures contracts and when to"roll over" to the next contract. SEE ROLLING CONTRACTS on the user guide page for instructions on how to roll your contracts inside of the Ninja Trader platform.
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To check the current margin requirements to trade each futures contract click here. If you use a different brokerage, check with your trading firm for current margin requirements.
You should check for high volatility news events from the following link. We use
There are many of these calendars are widely available. Typically, traders will not want to be in an existing position when a news event has a medium or high impact. News, such as employment numbers or crude oil supply reports, will tend to make the market move in a very volatile way. Normal stops may be exceeded. This will create unnecessary risks to your position. After the news is released, you will then be able to resume trading any new signals.
The hours of operation for futures trading are essential to know. The hours for some futures can vary, so it is crucial when day trading that you do not stay in a position past the day session close. If you do, the margin requirements for holding an overnight position may be considerably higher.
CME Group Trading Hours
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